The Photica Project:  Pronounced "Foe-Tea-Ka"

This page has some construction going on.  The subject of photographic related items is huge.  I hope to add more content to this page in the future.  Thanks for visiting.... Bill

This is a little trinket box.  It's a Limoges knock-off.  Often referred to as Limoges style or type.  In fact, it's just an inexpensive little trinket box that attracted the eye of this collector.


Another little trinket box.  See above..  .

Cool animation music box.  The bears on the front and top go round and round while it plays a little tune. 
Camera figurine with bear on front.
Camera replica:  I don't know how they make these but you see them everywhere these days.  It seems to be a real fossilized camera.  The detail is incredible. 
Picolette replica bank.  Now, at least this replica has a purpose!
Swarovski crystal camera figure.
Lapel Pin.  No, it's not a real diamond in the lens...
Solid brass Kodak belt buckle.
Putter belt buckle.
Small metal pencil sharpener.  Replica of old lantern projector.
Hummel figurine.
Smile for the birdie.  Emmett Kelley Clown figurine.
Small pewter mouse holding camera
This is called a smoker.  Usually more expensive than you think
Pewter photographer at work
Ron Lee art.  Yes this is art! Wonderful figure of clown photographer ready to take a picture.
Ron Lee art.  Warner Bros. character Pepe Le Pew filming his favorite subject