The Photica Project:  Pronounced "Foe-Tea-Ka"



Gundlach Turner-Reich Anastigmatic Series II 5x8 6.8 Wollensak Rapax Gundlach Manufacturing, Fairport N.Y. -- Triple convertible 14" Mounted in Graphic lens board.  Replacing the Series I version in 1906, this lens was available well into the 1930's and possibly 1940's.  

Schneider-Kreuznach Symmar-S 210 5.6 Copal No. 1


Schneider-Kreuznach Angulon 90 6.8 Compur P Synchro Mounted in a Graphic lens board


Kodak Ektar 152 4.5 Kodak Flash Supermatic


Schneider-Kreuznach Angulon 165 6.8 Compur


Wollensak Alphax Pat Nov. 21, 1922


Kodak Ektar 127 4.7 Kodak Flash Supermatic Mounted in a Burke & James, Inc. lens board


Kodak Anastigmat 7.7 Kodak Ball Bearing with retaining ring


Carl Zeiss, Jena Tessar 210 4.5 Bausch & Lomb Compound Mounted in a Graphic lens board


PAL KO Anastigmat Ser. T 150 4.5 F. Decker-Muncher Compur with retaining ring


Carl Zeiss, Jena Tessar 150 4.5 F. Decker-Muncher Compur With retaining Ring


Hanimex Mirror Lens 300 6.3


Allen Bros. Agents Eureka No. 4 Brass

Brass Focus knob broke off Brass and Nickel -- no name

Manhattan Optical Co. No 3 5x8 11 Manhattan Optical Co., Cresskill, N. J. New Anastigmat Patent Appl'd for - brass


Brass with focus track --


A. Lavern & Co. Paris, France.  No 68 Brass-- C.H. Codman &Co. Sole Agents Boston Mass Beautiful markings.  Reportedly had a connection with GASC CHARCONNET. Brass 8 Brass-- No name. Lever aperture

Ihagee Anasigtmat 105 6.3 Brass uses waterhouse stops

GASC CHARCONNET, Paris France. Large Brass Lens Marked: GEO BRYANT Co. Sole Agent Boston Mass.  Some lenses also carried the A. Lavern name.
Wollensak Telephoto 15" 5.6 With wood case in Graphic Lens Board --  

Waterbury Brass Scovill Mfg. Co. New York.


R. Walz Brass rack focus. Uses Waterhouse stops


Burke & James Igento Rapid Rectilinear 8x10 8 Brass Mounted in home made lens board. With flange.


PAL KO Tele Anastigmat 300 6.3 Compur With Black leather case


Wollensak Velostigmat Series II 12" 4.5 Wollensak Betax No. 5 Monster in a Graphic Lens board

Kodak Commercial Ektar 14" 6.3 Kodak No. 5 Universal Synchro Shutter Mounted in Deardorff Lens Board  

Kodak No. 33 Anastigmat 7.5" 4.5 Mounted in wood lens board (Kodak view)


Jos. Schneider & Co. Kreuznach Doppel Anastigmat 135 4.5 F. Decker-Muncher Compur Mounted in wood Graphic lens board

Turner Reich Anastigmat 11 1/2 Prosch Triplex (Large) Marked, Prosch MFG Makers, N. Y. Pat Nov 20 1886 Lens marked Pat. May 14-95, Front lens 24 IN, Back 17 IN. some separation in both elements, flange mount. This version Gundlach lens arrived on the market as in the very late 1880's.  It did not meet sales expectation and was replaced in 1906 with a new design.