The Photica Project:  Pronounced "Foe-Tea-Ka"

I'm still doing the research on this set of glass negatives.  However, there are so many good shots of Niagara Falls, I had to share them right away.




This is a great shot of the Maid of the Mist.  Maid of the Mist I was commissioned in 1885 and Maid of the Mist II came into service in 1892.  I have been told that this is Mist II (Thank you Denise).  Both were destroyed in a fire caused by construction in 1955.



Here's the Maid of the Mist at the foot of the American Falls




This shot of Horseshoe Falls may help in dating these negatives.  On the right, you can see The Ontario Power Company hydro-electric plant apparently under construction.  This plant opened in 1905 so these pictures should date around 1903 or 1904.





Most of these shots are around and at the American and Bridal Falls with some distant views of Horseshoe in the background.






I believe this to be a picture of the photographer.  Thank you for these wonderful shots.