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The Kodak No. 3 String Set

The Kodak No. 3 was introduced in October of 1889 and manufactured to 1897.  Like the earlier Kodak String Sets the film was loaded by the factory in either sixty or one hunderd exposures.  Unlike its predicessors, the image was rectangular measuring 3¼x4¼ inches.  Its lens is a Bousch and Lomb Universal Lens.

The photo below is of a very special No. 3 camera.  It was made for the French market and sold by Nadar.  You'll note the detail photo with the recognizable Nadar logo:  "Office de Photographie NADAR 53. RIDES MATHURINS, PARIS" in gold stamp on side.  This expamle has been expertly modified with a sheet film back.  It's unkown if it was modified by Kodak,  the reseller Nadar, or the user.



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