The Photica Project:  Pronounced "Foe-Tea-Ka"

Concealed Cameras

The Stirn Concealed
Vest Camera
The Stirn Concealed Vest Camera came in two sizes -- N0. 1 and No.2.

c1886-92. Beautiful nickel plate disk camera. This example uses a 6" round glass plate for six exposures each 1 3/4" in diameter. Originally selling for about $10. this camera came in a wooden box which would provide for use on a tripod.

Made in Berlin, Germany by Rudolph Stirn, brother to Charles P' Stirn. Early advertisements indicate that over 20,000 were made which doesn't support its rarity in today's market.   Robert D. Gray of New York City, the original designer, manufactured a few cameras in 1885 before selling all rights to Charles P Stirn.
16 Model II
Neat little 16mm film "Spy" camera with grey case:  five shutter speeds; Rokkor f2.8 lens; special 16mm film.  The metal chain carry strap doubles as a distance focusing aid when taking close up photos.